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19 Benefits of Mangosteen for health and skin

Mangosteen is an evergreen tropical tree which is believed to have originated in Indonesia. It is also found in Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and also in some of the African regions. This fruit has three parts in it. The first is the purple rind; the second is the white flesh which is edible, while the third part is the seed. The flesh has a sweet taste but the seeds are bitter and also inedible.

The health benefits of Mangosteen
The mangosteen juice has long been revered as the queen of all tropical fruits. Filled with nutrients, it helps in normal growth, overall well being and also development. Here are some of its benefits.

1. Antioxidants
Studies have shown that Mangosteen xanthones in them which are a naturally occurring polyphenols. The fruit contains two xanthones in them – gamma mangosteen and alpha mangosteen. These are very effective in the treatment of heart diseases and are also anti – inflammatory.

2. Low calories
Mangosteen contains just 63 calories for every 100 gm and also contains no cholesterol and saturated fats. It also is rich in dietary fibre and hence it may help in weight loss.

3. Vitamin C
Mangosteen is a very good source of vitamin C. Hence it helps in providing resistance against diseases like flu and cold. The folate present in it is very essential for the healthy growth of the foetus and is very vital during pregnancy.

4. Blood flow
Mangosteen helps in the prevention of anaemia. It dilates the blood vessels and hence promotes blood flow and may prevent diseases like heart congestion, atherosclerosis, severe chest pain and also high cholesterol. Due to the increased blood flow to the eye it also helps in the prevention of cataract.

5. Reduces cholesterol
Mangosteen is known to help in the reduction of cholesterol in the body. It also helps in controlling triglycerides and hence may improve the health of the heart.

6. Tuberculosis
Mangosteen contains strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also known to be highly effective in boosting the immune system. It inhibits the bacteria and hence can be helpful in the treatment of patients suffering from tuberculosis.                      

7. Cancer
Antioxidants present in the Mangosteen fruit helps in the prevention of cancer and also other cardiovascular diseases. It is an effective and powerful antioxidant which prevents oxidative stress caused by the free radicals.

8. Blood Pressure
Containing minerals like magnesium, copper and manganese, Mangosteen might help in the prevention of coronary heart diseases like blood pressure and increased heart rate.

9. Anti – inflammatory
Consuming Mangosteen just two or three times every day is known to help in relieving pain due to its cox – 2 inhibitor effects.

10. Alzheimer’s
This disease can lead to symptoms like confusion, difficulty in remembering and perplexity. Regular consumption of Mangosteen is known to aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

11. Acne
Consisting of natural antimicrobial and antibacterial compounds, Mangosteen is known to help in the treatment of oily skin, acne, dry skin, and also skin blemishes.

12. Cell repair
Mangosteen contains the highest level of xanthones as compared to any other fruit. Hence it can help in not just repairing the damaged cells but also in protecting them.

13. Body Weight
Mangosteen is helpful in burning fat in the body and hence it is widely used to lose weight.

14. Gum disease
The gel of the Mangosteen fruit is known to aid in the fight against gum diseases like periodontis

15. Menstruation
Consumption of the Mangosteen fruit is known to help in dealing with premenstrual symptoms like hypertension, mood swings, dizziness etc. It also helps in regulating menstruation.

16. Stomach disorders
The leaves and bark of the Mangosteen tree is widely used in the treatment of dystentry, urinary disorders, diarrhoea and thrush.

17. Anti – aging
Aging occurs due to oxidation in the body. Filled with antioxidants like catechins, Mangosteen is helpful in the fight against free radicals and hence prevents oxidation and keeps the body younger for longer.

18. Energy booster
Consumption of Mangosteen is known to increase the energy levels of the body. Its nutrients help in remaining refreshed and youthful.

19. Prevention of viral infections
The xanthones found in the Mangosteen has a natural ability to fight fungal and viral infections. They even help in getting rid of the carcinogens that attack the skin

With such a wide range of benefits, Mangosteen must and should be added to your diet.

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