Thursday, 12 May 2016

Introduction To The Noni Juice: Perfect Health Amplifier

Noni juice, which is derived from fruits of noni plant, is of great value to the human health. Noni plant, which is also known as Indian Mulberry, is an evergreen shrub that grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the World. Its botanical name is ‘Morinda citrifolia’ and is known to be the queen of the Morinda family, due to its universal property of spreading on its own, in a particular region; usually seashores. One of the interesting facts about noni plant is: noni is one of the earliest growing plants, which can thrive on newly deposited lava flow with ease. It finds its origin in the Hawaiian region, where it is found in large numbers.

As you turn the chapters of history, to find about this unique species, you go thousands of years back in the Pacific islands and its nearby areas which still preserve its existence. Its medicinal value was hardly known by anybody till the later parts of twentieth century, before which it was used for the purpose of dying clothes. When people became acquainted of its remedial and salutary value, it spread its roots lightning-quick in most of the regions of Hawaii.

In the recent years too, it is quite popular, with its conjectures and speculations becoming a part of global medicinal market. It owes its success to the presence of exemplary medicinal properties of it, some discovered by the world and others yet to be a part of human brains.

Making our way towards the structure of its plant, we find that noni is a small tree, probably a shrub, with its height ranging from 3 meters to 10 meters. Its branches are rounded, apparently dark-colored leaves which have a glossy appearance. It has seeds reddish-brown in color and flowers, which grow in groups, white in appearance and edible in nature. These flowers progress in size, getting to a few inches, as they advance. The fruits, that have the maximum worth, are egg-shaped or oval in shape with a tint of green and white on its outside and are engraved with numerous rounded grooves.

The process of extraction of noni juice from its fruit needs a fair bit of attention. It is carried out in the factories where noni fruits are brought after harvesting. These are carefully washed and left to dry in the air. After this, the ripe fruits are picked and kept in juice collecting vessels. The unripe fruits are not chosen as they yield relatively less amount of juice. These fruits may be stored for a period ranging from two to five months or even longer. This is the time when noni juice separates from the fruit. The vessels are made up of glass or stainless steel that contains spigots at the bottom through which the liquid drains out.

 The juice which separates is of amber or golden color, gradually becoming dark in its later part of life. Proper care is taken that the juice does not make a contact with free air. The liquid so obtained goes through the process of decantation, filtration and bottling. In this process we get something splendid in a liquid form.

The above process denotes the way in which, organic noni juice containing numerous remedial properties is extracted, refined and made vulnerable for us. 

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