Saturday, 14 March 2015

Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Goji Berry Juice

   What exactly is a goji berry?
Goji berry is basically a fruit that if found in the Himalayas. It is also related to a large number of myths that are present in some old Chinese stories. It has been found that the goji berry may actually have some very magnificent qualities for the human body just like they believed in the ancient times.

It has been found to slow down the biological aging of the body which may have led several natives to believe that the fruit can stop the process of aging. Studies have shown that the goji berry contain a very large quantity of antioxidants in them which may help in preventing the negative effects of aging.

Due to these properties, the goji berry juice has been hailed as one of the best supplements present for the human body.

2.       What are the supplements that may have been added to the goji berry juice while preparing it?
No supplements are added other than the preservatives that are required to keep the juice fresh for long and some herbal juices. No artificial colours, sweeteners or artificial colours are used. What you receive is the genuine goji berry juice.

3.       What is the so called original goji berry?
A lot of times, the goji berry was largely compared to the wolfberry found in the west. The goji berry contains of several varieties but the berry that is found growing in the foothills of the Himalayas is considered to be the original goji berry. Studies have shown that these berries are extremely rich in antioxidants and can be very helpful to the body.

4.       How do the antioxidants work?
All the cells present in the body die after a certain period of time. Sometimes the free radicals present in the body, steal away the electrons from the cells. To prevent this antioxidants give away their electrons and save the cells. It also helps the cells to absorb more oxygen leading it to remain damage free and healthy for a very long time.

5.       The herbal juices are advised to be drunk fresh, what about the goji berry juice?
It is true that all the natural and herbal products should be consumed as fresh as possible. But modern technology has found a way to preserve the freshness for as long as possible which would otherwise have been impossible.
Do try to follow all the instructions regarding the goji berry juice to extract the maximum gain from it.

6.       If the goji berry has so many benefits, why wasn’t it for a long time?
The goji berry or the goji berry juice and its benefits were not a secret at all to the natives, but it has only recently come to light in the western region. Using it as a medicine to cure the diseases was also a lost art in the east which later got revived and spread across the world.

With so many wide array of benefits being on offer, adding it to the diet should not be a problem at all.

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