Monday, 9 March 2015

Noni Juice: Miracle Or A Scam

When people hear about the qualities that the noni juice possess, they seem a little sceptical to try it out since it sounds too good to be true. Some even brush it aside assuming it to be a scam of some sort. So what really is it? Is it a scam or does noni really possess these amazing qualities in it?

Noni basically is a tiny fruit which happens to grow in the region of Pacific islands on small trees that are native to this area. Also known as Tahitian Noni, Cheese Fruit or even Indian Mulberry, the tree is quite hardy and yields a good quantity of fruits.

Claims Made By The Noni Juice

There are several health claims being made by companies that sell these and most of all by the natives who have been consuming this for years. The following are just a few of these claims.
1.       Fights against cancer
2.       Helps in enhancing the immunity of the body
3.       Helps in managing multiple sclerosis
4.       Improves conditions of the asthma patient
5.       Improves the level of cholesterol in the body
6.       Improves the energy level of the body

Nutritional Components Of The Noni Juice

The Noni juice has a very impressive and long list of nutrients like healthy carbohydrates, low fat, niacin, minerals, vitamin C, lean protein etc which are all extremely beneficial to the body. All of these nutrients are known to improve the overall health of the body.

All of these nutrients can be consumed in the form of fruit as well but as it unfortunately turns out the fruit is quite repulsive. Hence an alternative for it, the juice, was made. The pure juice also is super repulsive but the taste is made manageable by adding juices of some other fruits as well.

Studies have again and again proved that the noni juice will do nothing but good for our body which is exactly the reason why the natives have used it as a medicine for several centuries prior to the discovery of this by the western world.

Noni is known to have antioxidants which are largely considered to be the reason behind the anti – aging effects that users claim it to possess. These antioxidants in no way stop the natural process of aging in the body but the just decelerate the rate of aging but protecting the cells of the body by damaging entities known as free radicals.

Enzymes present in the fruit like xanthine oxidase are associated with helping to deal with gout and also the negative effects that it has on the body. It is also known to protect the liver.

Although the studies are still in the preliminary stages and are yet to be completely proven, the noni juice is considered to be a very effective aid to the treatment being provided for cancer. This remains to be proved conclusively.

The fact that Noni juice is very healthy for the body was true centuries ago when its use was limited to the natives and still holds its ground now several years later.

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