Saturday, 30 May 2015

Health Beneficial properties of Mangosteen Concentrate

Anybody who has consumed Mangosteen will definitely vouch for the amazing properties they possess. You are bound to be shocked when you hear about the innumerable benefits of the Mangosteen JuiceExperienced medical professionals, who understand the reason behind how Mangosteen heals the body and help their patients, have always written extensively about its beneficial effects.

Why does the Mangosteen help the body?
Mangosteen is known to contain about 40 biologically active, chemical compounds known as xanthones. All of these xanthones seem to have a similar molecular structure but each one of them has a chemical composition that is unique. This chemical composition of each xanthone allows it to carry out a very specific function.

For example, gamma – mangostin has anti – inflammation properties, garcinone E is known to be an anti – tumour agent while alpha – mangostin is found to be a powerful antioxidant. These and many more xanthones provide the body with a huge number of natural compounds which are to help in dealing with a number of diseases.

Mangosteen and traditional Asian healing
Mangosteen is a fruit that is native to Asia and for centuries the natives have extensively utilised the healing properties of the fruit. Traditional healers have utilised the fruit to treat inflammation, stop infection, increase the energy level of the body and many more.

This fruit has only recently been revealed to the modern world and already a large number of modern medical practitioners and researchers seem to agree that Mangosteen is very profitable to the body. It has been found that the fruit may help in preventing and maybe even in stopping a huge range of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many more chronic diseases.

Xanthones in Mangosteen
The immune system of the body is constantly trying to protect the innumerable cells of the body from toxins, bacteria, virus, fungi, free radicals and many other harmful agents. But sometimes our immune system does get overwhelmed and we tend to fall sick.

Free radicals are unstable atoms which have an unpaired electron. When this comes in contact with a stable atom, the free radicals steal an electron and hence damage the once stable atom and make it prone to contracting diseases. Mangosteen is known to contain xanthones in them which are a very powerful antioxidant, more powerful than the vitamin E which also happens to be one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. Apart from being antioxidants, these xanthones also happen to be powerful immunity boosters.

Other natural compounds in Mangosteen
Apart from being a powerful immunity booster and antioxidant, Mangosteen also has other natural components in them like stilbenes, quininones, catechins, polyphenols and also polysaccharides.
Catechins have been known to be five times more powerful than vitamin C.
Polysaccharides are known to contain anti-bacterial and anti – cancer compounds. They prevent the cancerous cells from sticking on to the healthy cells and hence are helpful in controlling the spread of cancer within the body.
Quinines are also anti – bacterial and are also strong oxidants.
Stilbenes present in plant helps in fighting against fungi. Even after being ingested they retain the anti – fungal properties.

The list of the beneficial properties of this exotic fruit is never ending. Mangosteen was used as a healing agent centuries ago and it is still used as an healing agent today. 

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