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Mangosteen Juice – The Natural Health Drink

Mangosteen Juice
The fruit Mangosteen belongs to the family Guttiferae. The juice of this fruit is a lot more recognised as a health drink in countries of North America and Europe. Most of the species found in the Guttiferae are tropical shrubs and trees. They all secrete a yellow resinous juice and Mangosteen is no different. A lot of times people do tend to confuse the Mangosteen with that of a Mango. However they are absolutely unrelated.

The wild Mangosteen fruits are abundantly found in the Malaysian forests. Some historians say that they were probably first domesticated in Burma or Thailand. The seedlings of this tree are extremely sensitive and so are grown only in some parts of Asia and not in the rest of the world although the demand is very high. This fruit is about the size of an apple and is purple in colour. The rind on the outside is quite hard but on the inside is a segmented pulp which is very juicy and delicious to taste.

For several centuries, Mangosteen has been constantly utilised to make some powerful traditional medicines. Not just the pulpy bit but the entire fruit including the rind was being used for to relieve several diseases and their symptoms. The diseases that were being treated using Mangosteen include dysentery, cystitis, urinary disorders, gonorrhoea, eczema and several more. A decoction made using the root was used to regulate menstruation.

The mangosteen was also used and in several is still used as an antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and several more. What is surprising is that unlike most fruits, the rind of the Mangosteen fruit is a lot more nutritious as compare to its pulp. The primary reason why this fruit is utilised so much is because of the wide variety of antioxidants present in it.

Where to find it?
Mangosteen juice is found in a lot of stores that sell health drinks. A lot of supermarkets stock up on these too. If you can’t find it there and if you live in close proximity of Chinatown then you will definitely find it there. If you still have no luck finding it then you can always get it on several online stores which sell organic juices. A lot of these also give you some great discounts and deliver it right to your home.

What kind of juice to choose?
There are several companies which produce the Mangosteen juice and market them under several false pretexts. Be wise when you choose them. Always do check the ingredient list and make sure that the juice contains minimal added sugar as a lot of companies add a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners to make it a lot more desirable.

A lot of companies do mix the Mangosteen juice with several different kinds of fruit juices as well and that is completely fine. It is basically done to improve the taste and nothing else. However if you do suffer from diabetes then do steer clear of the Mangosteen juice since it will harm you considering all the fruit sugar that it contains in it.

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