Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Top 10 advantages of drinking the juice of Cranberries

Heals UTIs
In this fast paced life health has unfortunately taken a back seat and also urinary tract infections are getting quite common. If you suffer from UTI or just simply want to prevent it altogether then cranberry juice is the thing for you. The proanthocyanides help in getting rid of the bacteria from the bladder thereby getting rid of the infection as well.

Improves health of the Heart
Probably the biggest and the best benefit of the cranberry juice is that it protects the heart and prevents a large number of heart diseases, be it the atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and also high blood pressure.Compounds known as flavonoids found in the cranberries and hence the cranberry juice is largely credited for this property of the berries. The plaques which may form in the arteries are prevented by these flavonoids from sticking on the walls of arteries.

Helps to fight Tumours
Antioxidants called polyphenols found in these delicious berries are known to stop the growth and also the spread of the cancer causing carcinogens. This in turn prevents tumours from forming in our body. These berries are known to fight against most of the tumours.

Improvement of the bone health
Cranberries are a rich source of calcium. Some manufacturers go a step ahead and add extra calcium in them and hence making it extremely vital for protecting the health of the bone. No just the bones, it strengthens both the nails and the teeth as well.

Improvement of oral health
The cranberryjuice happens to be slightly acidic and so it might help in getting rid of the bacteria which may be present in the mouth. It may even prevent the bacteria from sticking to the enamel and hence, they prevent tooth decay.

Boosts Immunity
Vitamin C is simply loaded in the cranberry juice and hence is known to improve the immunity of the body. It may also help in the prevention of those pestering colds and plus altogether.

Anti aging
The anti-oxidants are known to have anti-aging properties in them and cranberries are simply filled with these. As the body gets older the health gradually declines but the nutrients found in cranberries prevent this and help in keeping our body young. This juice has been found to even prevent loss of memory and decline in the motor function which comes about due to aging.

Eliminates peptic ulcers

Most people do not realise that peptic ulcers are caused by a kind of bacteria known as H. Pylori. It is known to attack the stomach lining and also the duodenum. The swelling which results due to this leads to several different kinds of digestive problems.  The cranberry juice is a natural antibacterial and these properties help in getting rid of them. This in turn reduces the chances of these ulcers creeping up in the stomach.

All of these are what you stand to receive by drinking just a little cranberry juice every day. 

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