Friday, 17 April 2015

Goji Berry Juice And Improvement Of Health

What are goji berries?
Goji berries are small orange red berries which grow on a shrub that is found largely in china, along the fertile plains and banks of the yellow river. The medicinal properties of the goji berries have been known to the natives of the area for several centuries and hence have been used by them to treat a range of diseases. This amazing fruit has been revealed to the world only recently but has been gaining the reputation of being one of the ‘super foods’.

What are the benefits of consuming the goji berries or the goji berry juice?
Studies have shown that consuming the goji berry juice regularly for two weeks may help in the improvement of the gastrointestinal functions and also soothes the body giving a sense of general well being.

Several studies and researches are being continuously carried out to figure out the hidden qualities of the berries. So far it has been found that regular consumption of the goji berryjuice may help in increasing the energy levels of the body, improve the quality of sleep, improve mental acuity and also improve the gastrointestinal functions. It is also known to calm the body and hence brings about a feeling of calm.

These fruits have been available in Asian countries like Japan, Korea and china for over 2500 years. People who have had access to these fruits have been using them for the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, fever, age related eye problems, diabetes, kidney, liver, anti – aging and also to boost immunity.

What quantity of the goji berry juice should be consumed?
A regular dosage of the goji berry juice should be equivalent to about 150g of the goji berries. This is roughly the same quantity that was being consumed by the natives in the form of traditional Chinese medicine to help in the treatment of diseases.

Regular consumption of the goji berries or the goji berry juice is also known to help in dealing with cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological, musculoskeletal and also psychological complaints.

What are the results that can be expected by drinking the goji berry juice?
Studies have shown that people who regularly consumed the goji berry juice have shown a very significant rise in the athletic performance of the body. Apart from this, it was also seen to improve the quality of sleep, improve focus on activities and also calm the nervous system.

A large number of people have reported to feeling content, happiness and also experiencing good health after drinking the goji berry juice on a daily basis. It is also known to significantly reduce fatigue, leading to improved energy levels in the body.

A particularly pleasant news to women would be that the goji berry juice is also known to be helpful in decreasing the menstrual pains. Apart from this it is known to improve the skin, harden nails and improve in sexual activity.

Further research is required to ascertain the claims being made by the studies but considering that the goji berries and its juice has been used for centuries to treat diseases, it may certainly help in the well being of the body.

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