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Health Benefits Of The Amazing Cranberry Juice

Cranberries, the fruits native to North America, have always been known for their benefits to human health. Its versatility allows them to be used in food and also in medicinal products. When compared to all the other fruits and vegetables available in nature like broccoli, oranges and pumpkins, cranberries have an amazing quantity of antioxidants in them. Consuming just a cup of cranberries give us an antioxidant capacity of about 8983.
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Cranberries or cranberry juice offer a wide variety of health benefits, ranging from kidney stones, respiratory problems and urinary tract infection to heart diseases and cancer. Its benefits extend to prevention of stomach problems, gum diseases and diabetes. Naturally obtained plant compounds called phytonutrients are found in cranberries and hence are known to prevent several health problems.

Nutrition Content
With just 45 calories in a cup of cranberry juice, it blends well into the dietary guidelines. For every 100 gm it contains about 87.13 gm of water. It is known to contain salicylic acid, antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, sodium, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium. It is also known to contain riboflavin, vitamin B-6, vitamin K, niacin and vitamin E.

Cranberry juice’s benefits to health

  1. Urinary Tract Infections
Cranberry juice contains a compound called proanthocyanidin which are known to have anti-clinging properties. This prevents bacteria from sticking to the cells on the bladder walls. These compounds also prevent the multiplication of the bacteria which are eventually flushed out.

  1. Antitumor Effects
Polyphenolic compounds found in the cranberry juice are known to have anti tumour properties. It also prevents the spread and development of cancerous tumours on regular consumption. The high quantity of salicylic acid in cranberry juice helps to prevent blood clots and reduce swelling.
Cranberry Juice

  1. Healthy heart
Cranberry juice has been known to reduce the risk of heart diseases and helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

  1. Tooth Decay
According to certain studies, cranberries have been to prevent tooth cavities. A compound called proanthocyanidine found in the cranberries prevents the bacteria from sticking to the teeth. It also reduces the production of acid and hence prevents the plaque formation on the teeth.

  1. Prevention of respiratory
Studies have shown that cranberry juice prevents respiratory infections and ear infections caused by haemophilus influenza in young children. The juice prevents the bacteria from sticking to the skin surface.

  1. Strengthening of teeth and bones
Cranberry juice is a very good source of calcium and hence helps in the prevention of osteoporosis leading to strong bones and teeth.

  1. Peptic Ulcers
Doctors have always advised regular consumption of the cranberry juice to prevent stomach infections. Cranberries contain flavonoids which soothe the stomach and helps in reducing the chances of contracting stomach disorders including ulcers.

  1. Inflammation of lungs
Cranberry juice is proven to be very effective against inflammation in lungs caused by the virus influenza. Cranberries prevent the sticking of the virus to the walls of the lungs and hence help in preventing infection.

  1. Anti- aging benefits
Research has shown that the antioxidants and phytonutrients found in cranberries play a very important role in protecting the human body against age related problems like lack of coordination and memory loss. Cranberries have therapeutic properties that help the cell in fighting against damages caused by free radicals (which play an important role in aging) and hence make the skin look younger.

Irrespective of the age or gender of the consumer, everybody stands to benefit from consuming cranberry juice. With a wide range of benefits that can be obtained by consuming cranberry juice on a regular basis, it will definitely get easier and tastier to maintain a healthy body.

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