Friday, 5 December 2014

Noni Fruit Overview

What is noni juice?
Noni Fruit
It is a liquid which comes from the tree called Morinda Citrifolia. This particular tree is aboriginal to the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Noni juice has always been highlighted as a possible treatment for migraines. Here is some general information and facts about the juice that includes whether it actually helps you relieve migraines.

General Information

This miraculous juice was first made and vended in Hawaii more than 20 years ago. The first juice was vended in the form of capsule, which was marketed to people suffering from continuous headaches. Since then, more than 300 companies have started selling and marketing noni juice. Those who have experienced good effects of consuming it, have claimed that this juice could be used in order to treat numerous health ailments such as-

  • get relief from headaches
  • reduce weight
  • improve energy
  • decrease overall pain levels
  • lessen chances of having a stroke

Polynesian people are using noni juice since thousands of years ago. In Polynesian philosophies, the noni tree from which this juice is cultured is also well-known as the headache tree. If you are simply drinking this juice for pain relief, start out by drinking one to two ounces of it every day. Also try to have it thirty minutes before your first meal in a day; consequently it gets enough time to be absorbed.

Does noni juice have any side-issues?
Just like several other medication and supplement, noni juice also has few side effects those include coughing, diarrhea,nausea, headaches, joint pain and bad breath. Especially, those who are allergic to this juice may face trouble in breathing, immediately after drinking it. People who consume this juice every so often,may also notice bloating and a kind of foul taste in their mouths.In case you continue to experience the above listed symptoms after consuming the juice for a long time, consider finding an alternative or lowering your dosage.

What says research done on noni juice?
Many scientists and nutritionists have studied this juice to understand if cultural claims of it are true. The study has revealed both negative and positive results. According to the epidemiological studies, the juice does not seem to be all that it actually claims. Though, Polynesian cultures claimed to use the juice to treat everything ranging from the common disease like cold to cancer, many Polynesian cultures are still overweight and are in deprived health. Statistics from various health records have also shown that Polynesians have had incidences of disease which were similar to those of the other cultures.

Many scientists have said that noni juice can have cancer-fighting effects, though the dosage needed for this is very high for human-beings to possibly consume. Some scientists have claimed that this juice is very expensive and is a con, especially from when the juice is marketed mostly through the Internet.

But still,dedicated followers and Polynesian cultures believe that this juice is the solution to all health concerns they have. You could decide whether or not this juice can be a worthwhile treatment for headaches, but understand all possible side effects and dangers of consuming noni juice before buying your first bottle and do your research. Information is a significant key before you begin with any new remedy.

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