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Benefits Of The Consumption Of Goji Berry Juice

goji_berry_plantsWhat are goji berry fruits?
Goji berries (also known as Lycium barbarum) happen to be the densest fruit on earth in terms of the nutrition content. They are known to belong to the family of Solonaceae also known as the nightshade family. This family also contains other vegetables which are a lot more common than the goji berry. Vegetables like pepper, tomato, potato, eggplant and also certain poisonous plants like the deadly nightshade and belladonna also belongs to this family. These are native to Himalayan Mountains of Mongolia and Tibet. Due to increased demands of the goji berry juice, it has now been cultivated in several other countries.
How long has the goji berry been used?
The goji berry is a relatively new fruit to have entered the western market but it has been used by the natives in China and Tibet for several thousand years. It was used not just as a medicine but also as an ingredient in cooking.
What is the nutrition component of the goji berry juice?
The goji berries are a very unique fruit because they contain several kinds of amino acids which are very rarely found in fruits. They also happen to have protein in the highest concentration as compared to most fruits. They are filled with vitamin C. Loaded with carotenoids, goji berries become some of the most nutritious naturally available food source. It has 21 trace minerals and is also found to be very high in fibre. It contains 15 times more iron than spinach. It also contains selenium, calcium, zinc and also some trace minerals. It is no wonder that the goji berry is considered the ‘powerhouse of nutrition’.
It also contains anti – fungal, anti – bacterial and anti – inflammatory compounds. The antioxidant properties and also the polysaccharides of this amazing little fruit help in boosting the immune system. This is considered to be the reason why the Chinese used them as a medicine to increase strength and longevity.
Traditional medicines made using the goji berries were believed to cure liver and kidney problems. It was also considered to cure problems related to eyesight, dizziness and also lower back pain.
In what form is the goji berry available?
Goji berries are widely available in two major forms, juice and dried. The dried variety makes a great snack in between meals. It can also be added to cereals just for that added flavour and nutrition. The juice is widely available in stores and is the form in which the goji berries are mostly consumed. It can be consumed raw, an ingredient in various soups, made into tea or even as an extract.
Are there any reactions that may occur due to consuming goji berry juice?
There can be some adverse effects if you happen to take medication for blood pressure, diabetes and thinning of blood. It is unadvisable for them to consume goji berry juice. If you still want to add the goji berry juice to your diet then do consult your doctor regarding the same.

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