Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Benefits Of Using The Noni Juice

Indian mulberry, hog apple, mora de la India, wild pine, ruibarbo caribe, meng koedoe, morinda are just some of the names given to the noni fruit.
The noni is an evergreen tropical tree which grows in Tahiti, Pacific Islands, Caribbean, South America, Australia and also Asia. It grows to a height of about 10 feet and bears fruits which are a size of potatoes which are green when unripe and turns white or yellow when it becomes ripe. Literally the entire plant, including the bark and leaves, is used to prepare medicines. They have been used to prepare traditional Polynesian medicines for centuries.
What Is Noni Juice Good For?
Studies, still in the preliminary stages, have claimed that both the noni juice as well as the fruit may be helpful in the treatment of cholesterol problems, diabetes, HIV, psoriasis, infections, allergies, inflammations, rheumatism, high blood pressure and heart diseases. It is also looked as a potential cure to cancer although studies conducted so far has given positive results on animals. The studies are yet to be conducted on humans. Some believe that noni juice may relieve the symptoms of sinusitis, ulcers, depression, atherosclerosis, flu, menstrual cramps, sprains, senility, addiction, headaches, arthritis, injuries, poor digestion and also cold. These claims are yet to be verified by studies.
The traditional medicines were created for all of these purposes but the modern man is introduced to it as a general stress reliever and a body cleanser.
How Is It Used?
The noni is used in several forms like tea, juice, tonic and even poultice. Although the noni juice is extremely nutritious there is one unpleasant thing about it. Unfortunately the taste and odour of both the fruit and the juice is repelling. To mask this unpleasant odour people normally mix the noni juice with some other kinds of fruit juices to make it bearable. The manufacturers also mix fruit juices to noni juice so if you try to buy the juice off the market; chances are that you will not find a 100% noni juice.
A kind of juice is also made using the bark and leaves to help people who have urinary complaints. The same is also used for treating muscle pain and also joint pain. The unripe noni fruit is sometime mashed with salt and is applied on broken bones and even cuts to speed up the healing process. The ripe noni fruit is used to treat skin problems like blemishes, boils, skin sores and also skin infections. A kind of tea is made using the leaves of the noni tree and is drank to help in the treatment of rheumatism, tuberculosis, arthritis and also as an anti – aging agent.
The modern medicine has gone a step further and has found ways to turn the noni into extract, capsules, powder, soaps, bath gels and also facial cleansers. They have tried to turn the juice into every possible product so that you can make your entire body healthy. With such a wide array of products to choose from you can have your pick.

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