Friday, 9 January 2015

UTIs And The Effect Of Cranberries Against It

For years there has been a common belief among people that the cranberries may help in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs). These beneficial effects were considered to be largely due to the acidic nature of both the fruits and also the juice.

Some recent studies have reported that the cranberry juice may begin the fight against the urinary infection causing bacteria. This juice is looked at as the potential cure for the UTIs which may work by preventing the growth of bacteria in the first place.

Some studies in the past have proven that the cranberry juice has some strong compounds which survive the strong acidic juices of the stomach. When these compounds do reach the urinary system of the body, they begin working on the prevention of these infections caused by bacteria like E coli. Unlike these compounds, a lot of the beneficial compounds get destroyed in the body. Some studies claim to have scientific proof to back these claims although it is yet to be accepted by the medical world.

Researchers are suggesting that these compounds reach the urinary tract within eight hours of consumption and begin the work against the bacteria providing the much needed relief from symptoms that come along with the contraction of UTIs.

How Does Cranberry Juice Help In The Treatment Of UTIs?
In studies being conducted in labs the juice used is the variety which is largely found in stores. These contain sweeteners and water along with the cranberry juice. Hence the report given by these studies may be quite accurate considering that the juice is the closest thing that most people can come to absolute natural juice.

The Urinary Tract Infections are known to occur more among women than men. Almost one in three women is known to suffer from these dreadful infections. This can occur anywhere in the entire urinary tract which is known t o include bladder, ureter and the urethra. This will definitely help save up on the medicals bills that are bound to arise (especially in the case of women). This is the most inexpensive way to keep the UTIs at bay and to keep the urinary tract healthy and clean.

The urinary tract infections can occur in men, women and children. It is quite easy to be treated using the antibiotics (as is the norm in the world of medicine). But if left untreated this infection may grow into something more severe.

If you do suffer from infections, do not treat yourself. If you have an infection do consult a doctor and the cranberry juice can be consumed to aid the cure and also prevent further contraction of these infections.

Although considered to be extremely safe since it is a naturally found “super food”, it would be better if you do consult with your doctor before you start consuming this juice on a regular basis since it is known to cause harm to the body in extremely large quantities.

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