Friday, 23 January 2015

Goji Berry Juice And Prevention Of Skin Damage

What should I know about goji berry juice?
Goji berry, also known as Lycium barbarum is a fruit native to China. It has long been used by the Chinese to make traditional Chinese medicine. These medicines were believed to contain several therapeutic properties due to the presence of immune modulating and antioxidant effects of the goji berry juice. The natives have known about the beneficial effects of goji berry and the goji berry juice for a very long time and hence have used it as a medicine to treat several ailments. These secrets have just recently been revealed to the modern world.

What nutrition will the body receive due to the consumption of goji berry juice?
Goji berry juice has been known to contain a substantial quantity of carotenoids, particularly beta –carotene and lycopene. Studies have shown them to be very rich in antioxidants as well. It is also known to contain minerals like copper, zinc, selenium, phosphorous, germanium, iron and calcium.

Is there any link between the goji berry juice and skin protection?
Although researches have shown several benefits of the goji berry juice, the lesser known benefit is the role it plays in altering the damage caused to the skin due to UV radiation.

A recent study has shown that just 5% dilution of the goji berry juice may significantly reduce the inflammatory oedema of reaction to sunburn. The diluted goji berry, the dilution being anywhere from 1% to 10%, may protect against the immunosuppression induced due to the solar simulated UV (SSUV) irradiations. It is also known to protect against the suppression caused by cis – urocanic acid, a mediator, which can be measured using contact hypersensitivity reaction.

How can I be certain that the property of skin protection is due to goji berry juice alone and not the other components found in it?
The exceptional property of immune protection wasn’t regarded as the cause of certain minor ingredients which were found to be available in the store bought goji berry juice. Although the goji berry juice was found to contain apple juice, pear juice, preservatives and also vitamin C, the beneficial properties were traced to the goji berry juice itself.

Just 5% goji berry juice showed some very significant activity in the skin which was attributed to the antioxidants protecting the skin against a reaction known as lipid peroxidation which is induced due to a UVA radiation. The results indicates that drinking goji berry juice might provide additional protection from the sun and may be very helpful for those people who have sensitive skin and hence are susceptible to sunburns.

What other health benefits does goji berry juice offer?
Studies have shown that drinking goji berry juice may help in improving the immunity of the body and even helps in uplifting the mood of the person. It is also known to initiate the process of anti – aging. Its other benefits include improvement of eye sight, boosting energy level of the body, helping in weight management, controlling cholesterol, improving memory, strengthening of bones and muscles, healthy kidney function and lots more.

With such a wide range of benefits, goji berry juice must definitely be added as a regular component of your diet.

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